Miss Dasha

 A few years ago, Dasha, and I met in the bathroom at work over a cardigan from The Loft we both owned (totally normal). For the first year or so of our friendship we were both working full time at the same company while finishing our degrees, so our friendship began to grow over morning sticky buns, frequent coffee breaks and much-needed happy hours. Since then, we've grown together in so many ways (and I am not referring to pant sizes due to so much caffeine, booze and carbs, thank you very much). Dasha is such an encouraging, thoughtful and loyal friend and I am SO blessed to have her in my life! I am lucky enough to be Dasha's Maid of Honor at her upcoming wedding (wooooooooop!!!), so I really do have to save a lot of my mushy gushy sentiments (and useful Russian phrases) for that special speech. No spoiler alerts here, my friends. :)

Dasha is one of many who has consistently supported me in all of my photography endeavors, so needless to say she was down for a shoot. Take a looksy at some photos of my dearest friend from our cozy shoot last month in her and her fiance's beautiful home. She's a stunner, inside and out. Enjoy!