Mama T and Papa B

I don't even know how to begin writing about my gorgeous cousin and her little bun. Over the past couple of years we have grown so close and it has been such a blessing. We literally talk pretty much every single day and between our sweet men, my wedding last year and this little man that she's growing, there is absolutely never a shortage of topics to chat about. I just stinkin' love these guys.

I was on a little fishing boat off the coast of Alaska when I got a text from Teresa asking if I'd be willing to take some family photos of her and Ben before Baby Leighton makes his grand entrance. Oh, was I ever willing. A few weeks later, Walter and I made the trek to Spokane. We grabbed some tasty breakfast at Chaps (mmm, mascarpone) and then wandered around the Finch Arboretum for some fun family shots.

At almost 34 weeks, Teresa is as beautiful as ever and you can feel the love and pride Ben has for his wife and child (and dog-child, Carlos, of course). Over the past several weeks, these two have been preparing everything like crazy for little man's arrival. Toys are sanitized. Nursery is decorated. Pack and play is assembled. Clothes are organized and folded. Classes have been completed. At this point, Ben and Teresa are enjoying the calm together and are patiently waiting to meet their little dude.

I have no doubt that Baby Leighton is going to be the happiest, most smiley baby ever and I can't wait to meet him in a few short weeks!