This pretty lady here is my niece. She is my husband's oldest sister's eldest daughter and is ridiculously talented in a bajillion ways. Let me tell you a few. This girl is barely able to drink legally and has already graduated from college and launched her own custom wedding dress company (I kid not. Check out her Facebook page to see for yourself!). She also regularly heads up catering large events and is a kick-ass event planner, which I learned firsthand when she made my backyard wedding vision a reality. Oh and speaking of weddings, she just got ENGAGED!!! At this point, I pretty much expect for her to plan and cater her own event while creating all of the bridesmaids gowns and her own (I'm only half joking). Cassie is going places and I just can't wait to see how life pans out for her!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from our casual portrait session out and about downtown Tacoma. Also, in case you were wondering, Cassie made that green taffeta gown. I have no words.