Nolan Daniel

I haven't blogged in WAY too long, so prepare yourself for some catch up. 

I'll start again with this sweet, little baby, Nolan. I spoke with Teresa almost every day throughout her pregnancy and heard all of her musings and wishes. Whose lips, eyes, and smile will Nolan have? Will he have more of his mom's personality traits or his dad's? How will it feel to be a mom? Will Nolan love sports or will he prefer to read or cook or travel (or all of the above)? Will he be a Coug or a Huskie? (haha)

At this point, Nolan is still under six months old and so the questions above aren't totally answered, but a few things are crystal clear. Nolan has his daddy's ears and lips, but he's mama's boy. Teresa is the happiest she's ever been as Nolan's mom. This kid is a Seahawk through and through.

Teresa and Ben are terrific, loving parents. I could go on and on, but you know what? Pictures speak louder than words. Check out this new, little family and feel the love for yourself.