Hi! I'm so excited/anxious/ready to make this public. I've wanted to make my own site for some time now, and I finally realized I just need to do this. I'm my own worst enemy at this point. I want every letter, margin, photo, and tone to be perfect. But you know what? Perfection doesn't exist. It just doesn't. Not even practice makes perfect - it just makes you better than you were before practicing. What this means is that I just need to launch this thing and practice on!

Welcome to Jess Juergens Photography and my blog, Bright Grey.

Jess Juergens Photography. I am starting a company specializing in lifestyle photography. The name is conventional. Very conventional and subject to change. But for now it is action and not having the perfect name isn't an excuse to not get the ball rolling anymore. I have been taking photos of my family and friends and travels for as long as I can remember and only within the past year or two have I actually realized that making photography a real gig for me is one of very few ideas that has actually stuck (others being committing my life to the Lord and to my boy Walt). Apart from that, I come up with a new idea and life plan about every other day and absolutely love change. When I go for prolonged periods of time without adventure I begin to crave moving cities, learning a new language, launching a new business, changing my hair color, cutting my hair, getting a tattoo (maybe on my thigh?), etc. You get the point. I'm a complete freak (shout out to my family, friends and Walter for listening to my inner musings and new life plan every other day!). Anyway, I am ecstatic about making photography a priority and a focus in my life and hope to be able to share memories and images with you.

Bright Grey. Along with Jess Juergens Photography, I am launching Bright Grey, my blog. I don't know if I'm interesting enough to blog regularly, but I sure do know that the folks I photograph and the places I visit are. :) I thought the name Bright Grey was fitting, since as I age I notice that the very wisest among us acknowledge that we are living in the unknown, in the grey. And let me tell you, it isn't just a drab grey in which we're living, it's completely and utterly bright. Blindingly bright. Living in the grey doesn't mean we don't have our values and our focus - it means that as we live our lives we know we aren't in control of what happens. We can't live in black and white, because that would take perfection (and you know how I feel about that). I'd like to take you along on this Bright Grey adventure of life, so put on them shades and let's go.