veronica turned thirty

I have two sisters older sisters and one younger brother. The eldest sister's name is Veronica. This woman is a hoot. There's no other way to put it. The energy Vron brings to a room is tangible. You talk to her for 5 minutes and you know this is someone you can trust with everything. She's even-keeled and kinda crazy all in one. How does that even work?!

Anyways, she turned thirty, so my baller cousin Amanda hosted ALL 15 of us cousins at the resort at which she works in Carlsbad, California. We traveled from all over Washington, Utah, California, and even Wisconsin all to spend some quality time together, and boy was it worth it! We had such a blast playing games, relaxing by the pool, eating, shopping at the outlet malls, eating some more, and taking the Coaster down to Encinitas. I just wish we could all live near each other every month out of the year. I love all of these ladies so so sosososo much.

Also, side note: California isn't what this Seattle snob thought it would be. I was picturing surfer dudes and girls in designer clothes running all around, but let me tell you Carlsbad was just incredible. First off, the resort rests in front of fields and fields of ranunculus (which happen to be my all time favorite flower). Second off, Carlsbad is SO relaxed. It is like a little town along Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast, only more hip and up to date. It's like Seattle met the Oregon Coast and had a gorgeous, little city baby (and happened to have absolutely perfect weather year round). This is Carlsbad. And these are my stunning cousins (shout out to our grandparents and parents for making some pretty babies!).