Hey there! I'm Jessica.

I am a Seattle-based photographer and online marketing professional. I have been documenting life since I learned how to write. I love keeping journals, taking photos and remembering.* I have a pretty awful memory, so being able to look back on my experiences from my own perspective is always an entirely new experience in itself. Through my photography I hope to give you the same gift of remembering that I value so dearly.

The way I see it, each of us is going about our own business, living our beautiful lives, making dreams come true, making music, love, memories, babies, and I want to capture every one of those moments. We all are moving to life to our own rhythms and that, my friends, is absolutely beautiful.

Why don't you shoot me a message? We can meet over coffee or beer and chat about how I can help you capture this time in your life.

*Other unmentioned things I love in this world include the Triune God, my studly husband, my beautiful family and friends (and my pup Cash), change in all shapes and sizes, wandering, music, traveling (se habla espanol! de verdad.), meeting and getting to know new people (like you!), and dirty gin martinis. Yum.